How Can Your Agency Get the Most Out of IIANC Membership?

At IIANC, we have one focus…to make the lives of Independent Insurance Agents better. And the way we do that is by solving our members’ business problems. 

Maximize your ROI in IIANC membership by taking advantage of the solutions we offer to common business challenges like the ones below.  Contact Jill Lewis, IIANC Membership Coordinator, with questions.

Expand Your Staff's Knowledge

IIANC offers a multitude of classes to fit your agency staff’s needs, whether in-person or online. Plus, many of them are FREE to our members! Need CE or a professional designation? Interested in scholarships to help with educational expenses? We have you covered. Plus, our conferences held throughout the year are fantastic opportunities to network and gain valuable industry knowledge.

Free Courses Like Flood, Ethics & E&O 
Online Education 
Professional Designation Programs: CIC, CISR, TRA 
Networking Events & Conferences 


Become an Agency of the Future

Take advantage of our technology resources and customer experience tools to make you an agency of the future. IIANC’s Technology Consultant is available to help in a variety of ways through AMS selection and training, automation enhancements, cyber security and more. We have also curated a group of leading vendors and digital tools to help your agency provide around-the-clock customer service.

Technology Consultant 
AMS Selection Workbook
24/7 Agency Solutions


Enhance Your Agency's Operations

Is your agency operating as efficiently as possible for optimum success? Let IIANC be your strategic business partner by utilizing our business and legal consulting services, data-driven analytics, and benchmarking tools. Our risk management training helps ensure your staff is well-positioned to prevent potential E&O exposures. And Independent Market Solutions can provide your agency with additional market access and opportunity for growth.

Business & Sales Consulting 
Legal Consulting 
Data Analytics & Insights 
E&O Happens - Risk Management Resources 
Market Access Resources 

Attract Top Talent

Your agency will only be successful in the future if it can attract and retain top staff. IIANC is proud to offer your agency help with many different staffing solutions - ranging from assistance with hiring (whether you choose to outsource it or do it yourself) to establishing a quality internship program.

Staffing Solutions for Recruiting & Onboarding 
Agency Internships and Internship Grants 

Grow Your Agency

Your agency needs to find, engage and connect with insurance shoppers for continued growth. Use the exclusive Trusted Choice® brand to elevate your marketing efforts with access to an extensive array of print and web-ready campaigns and social media content. Graphic design services are available to customize ads for free, and you can get money back through the Marketing Reimbursement Program.

Co-Brand with Trusted Choice 
Free Content for Digital & Social Media Use 
Free Customizable Ads & Graphic Design Services
Co-Op Dollars Available 
Free Radio Advertising 
Get Online Referrals