Employee Assessments


Caliper Personality Testing

For over 30 years, Caliper has helped Big I members match people goals to business goals. Caliper is able to maximize your ability to achieve business results by delivering initiatives that help you to select, manage and develop people and understand the gaps between where you are and where you want to be. Big "I" members receive exclusive discount pricing on the premier personality testing product in the industry. Let Caliper tell you what you need to know before you hire a new employee. 
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Sales Call Reluctance Testing

How many times have you hired agents whom you're sure have tons of potential for selling, but once hired, they seem to fizzle out, or consistently sell fewer policies than you need? Sales Call Reluctance Testing can help.  The SPQ Gold/FSA is the only assessment in the world that measures for Sales Call Reluctance.  It will tell you how much your candidates will sell, how soon they’ll start selling, and how difficult/easy it will be to coach and train them.  The information you gain will also help guide your interview process, so you can focus on critical behaviors of your candidates. Big I members receive a 10% discount on each Sales Call Reluctance Test purchase.
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