AMS System Options for Agencies

Agency technology expert Steve Anderson serves as a virtual matchmaker between independent agencies and the leading agency management system vendors.
The Agency Management System Selection Summit will help agencies who think they might need to update or replace their existing agency management system. The Summit provides an easy way for agency owners to compare and contrast the top Agency Management Systems and vendors to start the process of deciding which platform might be the best fit for their organization.
Developed by Steve Anderson, an acknowledged expert on agency management systems, the Summit consists of about twenty 90-minute webinars, each featuring a different system management system platform handpicked by Steve to be involved.

What's included with the Summit?

You’ll receive access to Steve’s Agency System Selection Digital Course, which includes:
  • Details on the 5-Step process Steve has used to help hundreds of agents and brokers select the best system for their organization.
  • A comprehensive list of agency management system vendors and their platforms (there are over 40).
  • A simple comparison grid of various platform functionality.
  • What to consider when choosing a hosted platform.
  • Samples of all the forms Steve uses when consulting with clients including a sample request for information, vendor demo script, AMS vendor demo scoring sheet and comparison, and an annual AMS System Cost Calculation spreadsheet.


How will this benefit me?

  • No time spent contacting vendors scheduling demos - although AMS vendors provide demos all the time, we make easier from your perspective by doing the leg-work to schedule all the demos.
  • Consistency in reviewing multiple systems - the structured format of the one-hour demos maintains consistency between the vendors.  Steve serves to keep demos on track and be sure that the vendors cover all of the same features, so you have a legitimate comparison.
  • Tools for reviewing and analyzing each system - Steve will provide you with tools and checklists to use throughout the webinar series so you have the documentation needed to conduct further research and analysis.
  • Individuals vendor contacts for each system - Steve provides you with each vendor's direct contact information for follow-up.
  • Access to recorded versions of the webinars for nine months following completion of the live webinar series (July 2018)

How much does this cost?

The AMS Selection E-Summit is being offered across the country.
IIANC member price is $249 (a 25% discount!)

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