Save the Date for InsurEXPO20: April 16-17, 2020

Moving to the Benton Convention Center in Winston-Salem, NC


2019 InsurEXPO

2019's InsurEXPO was a fantastic event, featuring the state's largest industry trade show with 90+ insurance companies and vendors showcasing their newest products and services. With record-breaking SOLD OUT attendance, this highly-anticipated event was packed with more content, networking time, and overall value than ever before! A huge thank you to IIANC Presidential PARTNER Jackson Sumner & Associates for filming!

Click through the videos below for some of the sessions at this great event.

Humanizing the Digital Experience
Jeff Roy - Excalibur Insurance Group
There are pivotal moments in every business category where success can be redefined simply by changing your perspective, or angle of approach. That's what "top of the podium" digital companies like Uber, Facebook, and Netflix have figured out - that digital technology and innovation do not give business owners a free pass to growth. 

The consistent thread for every company who wants to build a tribe of raving fans is simple. Stop thinking "Digital Technology," and start creating "Emotional Relevance."

Join Jeff Roy as he takes you under the hood and shares his team's path to humanizing the digital experience. You'll learn why they exist as a brand, and how they implemented a multi-faceted digital strategy to evoke emotional relevance as a fundamental element of their customer journey. 

Unstuff Your Life: Get & Stay Organized for Good
Andrew Mellen, "The Most Organized Man in America"
If you’ve ever felt like there is too much stuff and not enough time to deal with it all, then this interactive presentation is for you. Fun and informative, fast-paced and humorous, “The Most Organized Man in America” Andrew Mellen shares the fundamentals of getting and staying organized including his Organizational Triangle®, the 3 simple rules you need to stop clutter in its tracks for good. From e-mail, social media and papers to computer files, budgets and sentimental objects, you’ll get real-life solutions to real-life challenges at home and work. 

Building a Kick @*! Digital Marketing and Sales Plan - A Blueprint for Success
Jeff Roy - Excalibur Insurance Group
Does your agency have a digital marketing plan that allows it to kick @*! and grow? Are you using SEO, social media, Adword, webpage optimization, display ads, blogging, email marketing, and other tools to generate awareness and convert strangers to visitors, visitors to leads, leads to customers, and customers to promoters? 

Jeff shares what Excalibur is doing to generate 800-1000 leads per month in his agency. Along the way, he will help you build a blueprint of things you can do in your agency to gain new clients and retain existing ones. 

Evolving the Employee Experience
Una Roy - Excalibur Insurance Group
Many agents spend so much time worrying about their client experience that they take for granted the people who deliver it - their employees. In this session, Una shares what Excalibur Insurance Group does to create a fun work environment and agency culture. She shares why Excalibur exists and what sacred values are followed, in addition to how the agency attracts talent, onboards employees, empowers people, creates accountability, and makes working together easier for employees so they can deliver the best customer experience possible.


Calling BS on Busy: The Tools, Hacks & Secrets You Need to Stop Wasting Time
Andrew Mellen, "The Most Organized Man in America"
Forget multi-tasking and other gimmicks—there are no short cuts to good time management. Fortunately, there are secret and not-so-secret ways to get and stay organized that save you time and get you back in the driver’s seat for good. Put an end to flying by the seat of your pants—and learn practical, sustainable tools and techniques you can instantly use to prioritize tasks and avoid distractions. In just 60 minutes you can gain back 2-5 hours or more a week—guaranteed.

VIP Breakfast for PAC Contributors
IIANC Vice President for Government Affairs Joe Stewart moderates a panel discussion with Rep. Corbin and Senators Burgin, Johnson and Sawyer on all that’s going on in the 2019 Session of the state legislature. You will get the most recent intel on all legislation that impacts the independent insurance agency business model in North Carolina.

The Visual Sale: How to Embrace the Visual Revolution and Create a Culture of Video in Your Organization
Marcus Sheridan
Studies have shown that by the year 2019, 80% of all content consumed online will be video-based content. With such a dramatic trend, what is your agency doing to not only meet the demands of today's buyer but to also stay ahead of the marketplace and be prepared for what is next? In this action-packed keynote, Marcus Sheridan will show powerful stories of how companies are using video to not only build their brand but significantly drive sales and marketing revenue in the process. Marcus will also discuss exactly how any organization, regardless of size, can develop its own culture of video and experience incredible results. 

The Visual Sale Deep Dive
Marcus Sheridan
In this deep dive session, Marcus will teach participants how to apply the principles discussed in the keynote session at their agency as well as:

• What type of video content does and does not move the needle in terms of sales and revenue
• How to integrate video into the sales process to improve closing rates while decreasing sales cycles
• How to set up an in-house "media company" and engage their team in the process
• And much, much more!

Sex Discrimination Risk: Managing in an Era of Heightened Awareness & Activism
AppRise Team Representatives
#MeToo, #TimesUp... Social media movements can spread information quickly to a global audience. In the case of sex discrimination, social media may also amplify the risk. Students from Appalachian State University's AppRISE team discuss EPLI and other risk management implications of sex discrimination risks today, especially in light of recent media attention. 

Why Your Agency Must Have a Written Security Plan (WISP)
George Robertson - IIANC Technology Consultant
Understand the state, federal and industry regulations that require agencies to develop a written information security plan (WISP).   During this session we will review current regulations and discuss the process for developing your agency WISP.  Part of each WISP should cover the physical, technical, and administrative safeguards of your agency.  Each of these will be reviewed to educate you on what your agency will need to include in your WISP to protect Personal Identifiable Information.  Specific topics will include risk assessments, action plans, incident response plans, third-party agreements, staff training along with other informational areas.   IIANC is providing several options for agency members to assist with writing a WISP.  Each of these options will be discussed in detail during this session.