2021 Wednesday Webinar Series

Plan your 2021 Wednesday lunches now! This series will focus on non-coverage topics that will be interesting and informative for all associates within your agency. These webinars will be fun and informative in an open forum style. Don't miss them!
All webinars are FREE for IIANC members!

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January 13, 2021 - Anyone Can Run a Facebook Campaign... Even YOU!

You're a pro at what you do, but you don't have to also be a digital marketing expert to build an effective Facebook ad campaign for your agency. Learn the simple steps to help you target and reach the customers you want for your agency. With an effective Facebook campaign, you can generate leads, increase online sales and build brand awareness with your ideal type of clients.
Presenters: Kasey Connors, CAE, MBA, VP of Marketing Operations, Trusted Choice & Kelley Smith, Director of Marketing, Trusted Choice
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January 20, 2021 - Value of Hiring Top Performers

One of the biggest challenges our members are facing now is hiring and onboarding new staff. Finding, interviewing, hiring, onboarding, and training new staff members requires a lot of resources. Make sure that you’re spending your time and money well by understanding the implications of making the right hire!
Presenter: Jason Sabo, Business Consultant, IIANC
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January 27, 2021 - Great Customer Service Doesn't Just Happen...

We all know the most important aspect of customer service is effective communication, right? If you have a compelling communication strategy, you have satisfied customers, which then produces more revenue for the company in the end. But how do you get there? You must create a plan and break it up into smaller, tangible sections that will set your account managers up for success. Learn how to develop a plan that will help your customer facing team with accountability and ensure their goals align with the agency’s expectations.
Presenters: Mike Allison, Director of Agency Development & Training, IIANC & Kurt Fickling, Agency Valuation Specialist

February 3, 2021 - Write a Job Post That Works

Think of hiring and onboarding new employees like online dating. Your agency’s job post is essentially your online dating bio. It creates a candidate’s first impression of your agency and if it is a place they want to work. You must put your best foot forward in this first “make or break” part of the job recruitment process. Learn how to write a job post that will help your agency stand out among the sea of other options.
Presenter: Jason Sabo, Business Consultant, IIANC

February 10, 2021 - My Journey to Success: Peer to Peer Testimonial

We all love to learn from our peers and hear their personal stories. Join us for this special session where we highlight a successful IIANC member agent and his/her journey to success. Get an inside look at his/her best practices, how he/she dealt with early struggles, and successes along the way. 
Presenter: TBD

February 17, 2021 - Conduct Interviews That Lead to a Smooth Hiring Process

Having a plan and being prepared is crucial for a successful hiring process. No matter how many times you have conducted an interview, you must still prepare in advance to make sure you can effectively gauge the prospective hire. Don’t let a sloppy interview/hiring process turn potential candidates away from joining your team.
Presenter: Jason Sabo, Business Consultant, IIANC

February 24, 2021 - Build A Positive Team Culture in Your Agency: Life Inside Granite Insurance Agency

As entrepreneurs, we understand the importance of company teamwork. We also recognize the challenges that come with blending individual talents and personalities. But teamwork fosters collaboration and communication that makes it easier for employees to manage their work…and enjoy what they do! Hear from a fellow IIANC member agency on how their positive team culture has proven to be the glue that holds their agency together. Join Chase Keller as he shares Granite’s best practices for enabling a positive team culture.
Presenter: Chase Keller, Granite Insurance

March 3, 2021 - Attract & Retain Top Talent with Your Compensation & Incentive Package

One of the top obstacles that agencies face when trying to attract or retain top-level talent is not offering a strong compensation and incentive package. Don’t lose out on a star employee because your agency’s compensation and incentive program is outdated or lackluster. Learn what steps you should take to create a package that will effectively entice new hires as well as motivate your current team.
Presenter: Jason Sabo, Business Consultant, IIANC

March 10, 2021 - The 7 Habits of a Highly Effective Insurance Agent

Whether you're new to the job or a veteran agent, one thing's for sure: You never can have enough tools in the sales toolbox. Sales is a tough business. First and foremost, you must know your industry and agency backwards and forward. But knowing is not enough…you must also be able to convince a prospect of the benefits of working with you instead of a competing agency.
Presenter: Vince Sorgi

March 17, 2021 - Do You Have an Effective Mentoring Process in Your Agency?

When you hire someone new to the insurance industry, it is critical that there is a veteran agent to help them understand the complex language and insurance policies, as well as the importance of risk management. Make sure that part of your agency’s onboarding process includes connecting with a mentor who will teach, train, guide and lead. Learn how to build a mentoring program that also includes goals, measurable objectives, and accountability.
Presenter: Kurt Fickling, Agency Valuation Specialist

March 24, 2021 - Video – The “Must Have” Part of Your 2021 Sales Process

Video has increasingly become a major part of insurance marketing and sales. But in today’s mostly virtual world, it’s even more critical that your agency include video in the customer quoting process because it allows you to personally connect with your clients and prospects no matter where you both are. In this session, you’ll hear from a fellow IIANC member on how his agency has increased revenue by effectively incorporating video into their quoting process and other sales/branding opportunities. Get tips and tricks to easily add video to your agency’s marketing and sales strategy in 2021.
Presenter: Landon Bentham, Callahan & Rice Insurance

March 31, 2021 - Create a Training and Onboarding Process That Works

This is where the rubber meets the road… Are you setting your new hires up for success? You spent hours during the hiring process to recruit your great new employee so don’t risk having to start over because your agency doesn’t have a structured onboarding and training process in place. Learn to build a process that will not only ensure your new hire is up and running sooner but also shows your dedication to his/her success and career development.
Presenter: Jason Sabo, Business Consultant, IIANC