Live CE Webinars

IIANC offers LIVE webinars (not pre-recorded) to bring CE classes directly to you. This format allows you to receive the highest quality instruction while watching from your own computer, tablet or smartphone, combining the convenience of online courses with live instruction and interaction with the instructor.  Our live CE webinars offer a chat feature which allows you to ask questions and participate in the course, making for a more dynamic learning experience.
Best of all, at the end of the webinar, there is no test required for CE credit to be earned!
We want our webinars to provide the best possible simulation of a live classroom environment. It is for this reason that NONE of the webinars you will take in this program are pre-recorded; they all take place LIVE and are taught by the instructor who authored the course. Our instructors use a webcam so you will hear and see him/her teach, address questions and provide answers - all in real-time!
Multiple registered students may sit at one computer and watch webinars together. Whether it's crowding into a cubicle or spreading out across a spacious conference room, this option is popular with companies that prefer to train as a group.

How Do the Live CE Webinars Work?

Begin DateWebinar NameLocationCE TypeCE HoursCode
8/5/2021Homeowners In Real Life – Tales of Claims & CoverageOnlineGEN3FISCE80521
8/12/2021Additional Insureds & Certificates: Issues, AnswersOnlineGEN3FISCE81221
8/19/2021Adventures in Aging Understanding Social Security & MedicareOnlineGEN3FISCE81921
8/24/2021“How/Where the %^&* Will I Live?” Insurance SolutionsOnlineGEN3FISCE82421
8/26/2021Insuring Commercial Transportation ExposuresOnlineGEN3FISCE82621
9/2/2021That's Personal: Home & Auto Exposures Insureds Don't ShareOnlineGEN3FISCE90221
9/7/2021Commercial Property: Direct Vs. Indirect DamageOnlineGEN3FISCE90721
9/9/2021Personal Lines Clients and Their New NormalOnlineGEN3FISCE90921
9/23/2021Nailed It: Understanding Insurance RequirementsOnlineGEN3FISCE92321
9/28/2021Cyber – Evolution, Exposures, Incidents & InsuranceOnlineGEN3FISCE92821
10/21/2021Insuring Commercial Transportation ExposuresOnlineGEN3FISCE1021
10/26/2021Adventures in Aging Understanding Social Security & MedicareOnlineGEN3FISCE1026
11/2/2021That's Personal: Home & Auto Exposures Insureds Don't ShareOnlineGEN3FISCE1102
11/4/2021Coverage Problems Your Contractors Hate (How To Solve Them)OnlineGEN3FISCE1104
11/4/2021Personal Lines Clients and Their New NormalOnlineGEN3FISCE11421
11/11/2021Commercial Property: Direct Vs. Indirect DamageOnlineGEN3FISCE1111
11/16/2021“How/Where the %^&* Will I Live?” Insurance SolutionsOnlineGEN3FISCE1116
12/7/2021Insuring Commercial Transportation ExposuresOnlineGEN3FISCE12721
12/9/2021Homeowners In Real Life – Tales of Claims & CoverageOnlineGEN3FISCE12921