Public Safety Awareness Campaigns

At IIANC, we use our voice to help spread positive messages to the community by creating Public Service Awareness (PSA) campaigns.
Our goal is to educate the public on three important topics: the dangers of distracted driving; the importance of establishing a fire safety plan for your home; and, how best to be prepared for a natural disaster.

*NEW* Fire Safety Campaign: Smoke is Silent (October 2021)

Do you know the difference between the sound a smoke detector makes when the battery needs to be changed and when it is alerting you to smoke? What about the sound that a carbon monoxide detector makes? With so many sounds in daily life, you must know the sounds of fire safety. Why? Because Smoke is Silent! Throughout October, IIANC, in partnership with Operation EDITH will feature content across IIANC’s social media channels. From tips to videos, we will give you the information you need to protect your family.
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Operation Storm Ready (Summer 2021)

IIANC’s newest public service campaign, Operation Storm Ready: Put a Plan in Place, helps our members be prepared to assist their clients in the event of a hurricane. As hurricane season gets underway, we know that you have been concentrating on ensuring that your clients have the right coverage to protect them the next time a storm is off the coast. But have you given much thought to how you will make sure that YOU will be able to serve them following a storm? This campaign also offers our members free materials that can help launch a comprehensive social media strategy.
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Distracted Driving Campaign (April 2021)

We are excited to announce the launch of IIANC’s newest public service campaign, Put the Brakes on Distracted Driving. Driving home the message of road safety is a task everyone can be reminded of and certainly a commitment to our local community as a dedicated agent. As a local agent, you know the importance of sharing with the community your care and concern for their well-being.
April 2021: Put the Brakes on Distracted Driving Campaign
IIANC has also continued our partnership with the UNC Tar Heels, NC State Wolfpack and Duke Blue Devils to launch a PSA campaign to educate the public on the dangers of distracted driving. These :30 second radio spots are running during game broadcasts of UNC football and men's basketball games, NC State football games and Duke men's basketball games. Each of these radio ads urge members of the community to reach out to their local Trusted Choice independent insurance agent for more information about the dangers of distracted driving. 
Member Distracted Driving Resources  

Fire Safety Campaign: Put the Lid on Kitchen Fires! (October 2020)

As we all continue to remain safer at home, that means more cooking at home and new challenges related to safety. Kitchen fires are the leading cause of home fire occurrences, and unfortunately, one of the deadlier. Join us this October as we Put the Lid on Kitchen Fires! Check out the campaign’s videos featuring tips and resources on The Dangers of Unattended Cooking, How to Set-up a Kids Free Zone, How to Put out a Grease Fire, and the Important Technology You Need to Protect Your Home. All of this content has been created for our members to use on their social media channels, so as to educate their communities, families and clients on the dangers of kitchen fires and the importance of fire safety.
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Operation EDITH Fire Safety Campaign

Since 1996, IIANC has promoted the Operation EDITH fire-safety program in North Carolina to encourage parents of young children to talk to their kids about fire safety and educate them on the life-saving importance of regularly practicing an Exit Drill In The Home. Each year, IIANC prints and ships free Operation EDITH materials for distribution to schools, preschools and fire departments around the state. We need help from IIANC member agents to spread this important message in your communities during Fire Prevention Week in October. Materials can also be ordered to distribute at community events throughout the year. And as a bonus, you can co-brand the materials with your agency logo/information for added exposure to parents and community members!
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