Special Projects

There are a number of legislative issues at both the state and national level that directly affect the insurance industry and the livelihood of independent agents. IIANC realizes the importance of keeping our members informed on these issues and also acting on their behalf in our daily lobbying efforts with legislators. The following resources can make sure you are knowledgeable about current insurance legislation.

If you have questions about the association's Government Affairs activities, contact Joe Stewart at jstewart@iianc.com or 888-275-8911.

Public Safety Awareness Campaigns

At IIANC, we use our voice to help spread important safety messages to the community by creating Public Service Awareness (PSA) campaigns. Our goal is to educate the public on three important topics: the dangers of distracted driving; the importance of establishing a fire safety plan for your home; and, how best to be prepared for a natural disaster.
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The Latest: State Legislative Issues

IIANC's government affairs team works to educate state lawmakers on legislative issues important to independent agents in North Carolina.
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