Tevin Boyd-Hammond

Accounting Manager

Tevin is the Accounting Manager at IIANC and oversees the day to day accounting functions of the association. He attended Winston-Salem State University where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in accounting. He is a native of Paterson, New Jersey where he lived until the age of 12. He then moved to Durham, North Carolina and has been an NC resident ever since. Tevin considers himself a food connoisseur and loves to go to the gym and get a good lift in. Cardio isn’t really his thing, but because of his not so great diet. He forces himself to do the bare minimum out of necessity.
Fun facts about Tevin:
  • He collects art and currently has 12+ framed black and white pictures and posters hanging in his 1 bedroom apartment. In other words. He would have more, but there isn’t much remaining wall space.
  • He was born on the first day of spring so by default that is his favorite season. He is also grateful he grew out of his allergies which use to heavily affect him during that time in his younger years.
  • Tevin loves most Marvel movies. His favorite characters are Black Panther and Thor. He’s not really a fan of Ant-Man though.