Preparing for a Disaster: What You Can Do

Disaster Preparation/Planning

Before a storm or natural disaster hits is the time to prepare so that your agency is able to resume operations as quickly as possible. Not only will your agency have to possibly recover from the destruction but it will likely create long hours in the following weeks as your staff helps customers with claims.  Prepare for a hurricane or disaster by getting ahead now:  Develop a plan, monitor storms and be ready to volunteer or accept volunteer assistance if needed.  

Disaster Planning Recommendations

In addition to basic disaster preparation and collecting supplies, there are some insurance agency specific things that you will want to take care of beforehand and keep in mind following the storm to make sure you can provide the best service to your customers. Special thanks to IIANC member Danny Cook, for sharing many of these tips based on his experience following Hurricane Matthew’s devastating effects on his area in 2016.
Disaster Planning Recommendations for Agencies

Make a Disaster Plan and Emergency Kit
You should have a disaster plan and emergency kit in place for both the office and at home. The following site provides some great recommendations and lists for developing your emergency plans.

Volunteer to Help
If you are willing to help fellow IIANC members in impacted areas as they work with customers, process claims, etc. should the need arise, please sign up below.
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