P&C "Focus" Courses

IIANC offers a variety of courses on pertinent information your agency staff needs in order to better serve your customers and remain compliant with licensing regulations. The courses below are offered throughout North Carolina and are designed to provide education and updates on regulatory changes, mandated information, risk management, technical issues and other timely insurance topics.

Thanks to special funding from the IIANC Education Foundation, we are pleased to offer the following classroom courses complimentary to IIANC members in 2019. 
  • E&O Risk Management: Meeting the Challenge of Change
  • Ethics for the Insurance Industry
  • When Disaster Strikes...Lessons Learned from the Front Lines
  • Agents Advanced Flood Insurance Program

E&O Risk Management: Meeting the Challenge of Change

Successful completion of this course will go toward satisfying the 10% loss control credit on the agency’s E&O policy with Swiss Re. Topics that will be covered in this class include:  Agency/Carrier Relationships – Law of Agency; Understanding Agents Duties; An E&O Claim - 360° View; Agency Defenses – Documentation; E&O Considerations of Agency Operations; E&O Issues of Certificates of Insurance; Minimizing E&O Exposure from Excess and Surplus Lines; and E&O Exposures When Using Social Media.

CE Credits: 6 GEN   |   Course No: 62084   |   Price: Members FREE / Non-Members $160

Ethics in the Insurance Industry

In addition to meeting the NCDOI Ethics CE requirement, this course will review of the foundations of ethical behavior, including terms and definitions, ethical vs. legal behavior, ethical considerations for insurance agents.  It will also review the steps agencies can take as an organization to eliminate many of the causes before they take place.

CE Credits: 3 ETH   |   Price: Members FREE / Non-Members $80

When Disaster Strikes... Lessons Learned from the Front Lines

This course is an agent’s perspective as they shares their first-hand experiences from experiencing Hurricane Matthew in hard-hit Lumberton, NC. Attending will help you understand not only how this storm affected local agency, but will also discuss the benefit of first responders in the midst of rescue operations. This class will discuss coverages, claims experiences, planning perspectives and the “what if” scenarios. 
CE Credits: 3 FLD, 1 GEN     Price: Members FREE / Non-Members $80

Agents Advanced Flood Insurance Program

This class will provide the participants with a more advanced look at issues concerning National Flood Insurance.  It will include topics such as:
  • A complete review of Elevation Certificates, including diagram numbers and examples. 
  • Flood Proofing Certificates, A-Zone and V Zone Rating Factors including proper openings/enclosures.  
  • Submit for Rate Definition and Process  Coverage limitations in elevated buildings. 
  • The impact of Biggert-Waters 2012 and the Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act of 2014.
The instructor for the course is Tammy Goodman, North Carolina Territory Manager for Selective Flood.

CE Credits: 3 FLD   |   Course No: 202118   |   Price: Members FREE / Non-Members $80

Begin DateEnd DateEvent TitleLocationCE TypeCE HoursState Course#
1/30/20201/30/2020E&O SymposiumDurhamGEN6 EOSYSM0620
2/4/20202/4/2020Commercial Agent Training SeriesCaryGEN18 CATS0220
2/4/20202/4/2020Commercial Agent Training: Session 1CaryGEN6 CAT020420
2/11/20202/11/2020Commercial Agent Training: Session 2CaryGEN6 CAT021120
2/13/20202/13/2020Agents Advanced Flood SeminarCaryFLD3 FLD2132020
2/13/20202/13/2020Ethics in the Insurance IndustryCaryETH3 ETH2132020
2/18/20202/18/2020Commercial Agent Training: Session 3CaryGEN6 CAT021820
2/20/20202/20/2020E&O Risk Management - Meeting the Challenge of ChangeCaryGEN6 FOC022020
2/25/20202/25/2020E&O Risk Management - Meeting the Challenge of ChangeWinston SalemGEN6 FOC022520
2/25/20202/25/2020Trusted Risk Advisor: Session 1CaryFOC3 TRA22520
3/4/20203/4/2020Agency Planning and Strategic WorkflowsConcordGEN6 FOC342020
3/5/20203/5/2020Agency Planning and Strategic WorkflowsCaryGEN6 FOC030520
3/25/20203/25/2020Agents Advanced Flood SeminarKitty HawkFLD3 FLD3252020
3/25/20203/25/2020Ethics in the Insurance IndustryKitty HawkETH3 ETH3252020
4/28/20204/28/2020Hiring, Managing & Compensating Insurance Agency PersonnelCaryFOC6 HMC4282020
4/29/20204/29/2020Agency Financial Analysis and CompensationConcordGEN5 AF4292020
5/5/20205/5/2020When Disaster Strikes...Lessons Learned From the Front LinesAshevilleFLD/GEN3/1 FLD552020
5/5/20205/5/2020Ethics in the Insurance IndustryAshevilleETH3 ETH552020
5/19/20205/19/2020Trusted Risk Advisor: Session 2CaryFOC4 TRA51920
5/21/20205/21/2020Commercial Agent Training SeriesCaryGEN18 CATS0520
5/21/20205/21/2020Commercial Agent Training: Session 1CaryGEN6 CAT052120
5/28/20205/28/2020Commercial Agent Training: Session 2CaryGEN6 CAT052820
6/2/20206/2/2020Agents Advanced Flood SeminarPinevilleFLD3 FLD060220
6/2/20206/2/2020Ethics in the Insurance IndustryPinevilleFLD3 CISR060220
6/4/20206/4/2020Commercial Agent Training: Session 3CaryGEN6 CAT060420
6/11/20206/11/2020E&O SymposiumGreenvilleGEN6 EOSYM61120
6/30/20206/30/2020When Disaster Strikes...Lessons Learned From the Front LinesWinston SalemFLD/GEN3/1 FLD6232020
6/30/20206/30/2020Ethics in the Insurance IndustryWinston SalemETH3 ETH6232020
7/14/20207/14/2020Let's Talk CyberConcordGEN6 FOC71420
7/15/20207/15/2020Let's Talk CyberCaryGEN6 FOC71520
8/18/20208/18/2020Trusted Risk Advisor: Session 3CaryFOC4 TRA8182020
8/20/20208/20/2020Commercial Agent Training SeriesCaryGEN18 CATS0820
8/20/20208/20/2020Commercial Agent Training: Session 1CaryGEN6 CAT082020
8/27/20208/27/2020Commercial Agent Training: Session 2CaryGEN6 CAT082720
9/3/20209/3/2020Commercial Agent Training: Session 3CaryGEN6 CAT090320
10/20/202010/20/2020E&O SymposiumAshevilleGEN6 EOSYSM1020
10/28/202010/28/2020When Disaster Strikes...Lessons Learned From the Front LinesWilmingtonFLD/GEN3/1 FLD1028202
10/28/202010/28/2020Ethics in the Insurance IndustryWilmingtonETH3 ETH1028202
11/4/202011/4/2020When Disaster Strikes...Lessons Learned From the Front LinesCaryFLD/GEN3/1 FLD1142020
11/4/202011/4/2020Ethics in the Insurance Industry 2020CaryETH3 ETH1142020
12/1/202012/1/2020Trusted Risk Advisor: Session 4CaryFOC4 TRA12120